Someone Special


There’s someone special.
When everyone leaves you, they still keep in promise to hold in beside you
There’s someone special.
When every moment terribly disturbed you, they’re only cheer you up and make you smile
There’s someone special.
When you’re hectic for preparing achieve your dream, they ready to keep you save when you’re falling. No matter what, they won’t leave you.
There’s someone special.
When you’re feeling greatful to them, they give it back to you
There’s someone special.
When you’re going, they will wait for you. No matter what, they still hope for your back.
There’s someone special.
When you keep thinking about someone another, they still keep you in their mind.
There’s someone special.
When you even never thinking about your health, they always wondering about you. They want you keep in save.
And there’s someone special.
That you might never feel how special they are, but they always threat you in a special way. And always feel that you’re special.
Keep in mind that the special person is our parents…..


Good Bye 2015!


It has been a long time I was not writing any articles for this year. Within this article actually I wanna say thank you so much for all of the readers that still in tune in my blog. And when I saw my stats, I was shocked that there are many readers spreading on the world that giving their time to reading this little blog with an outstanding amount that I’ve never imagine about. Thank you so much.

I don’t know which one in this article that you’ve enjoyed about, but it is really my pleasure to give you such of ‘entertaining’ in a little of my thoughts.

Well, hm, talking about 2015, what have you learned about it? Is it a joy? Happiness? Sadness? Or anything else? For me, the one and the only thing that I’ve learned about is GIVING.

When I was little, my mother always said that if you have something you need to give a little to the others. It needed to be shared. You are not allowed to asked something within your friends. Even a snack. You need to give it. Don’t make your self asking something to the others even your friend, if your parents could given to you all that you need. And then I asked her,”What if my friend allowed me to ask them? What if they offered it? It isn’t me that asked them!” And then my mother said, “Just refused it. Refused it for your kindness. Remember, just for your kindness. You can give yours, but you cannot receive others. If you want a snack, just tell me. Telling me is your effort to get what you want. I can give you absolutely. Don’t asked to your friends. If I knew that you asked to your friend, I will mad to you.”

Until today, I just realized why she asked me to do so. It doesn’t mean that she order me to do the arrogant things with refuse the others offers. But, she just teach me about giving. The power of giving. If I cannot endure to give, don’t asking something. I need to do the efforts for achieving my goals. If when I was child, my goals is having a snack, so that I just need to take the effort for had it. That was asking snacks to my mother. But for my friend, my mother said that I need to give it. Not to ask it.

In a whole 2015, it’s really a big year for me. I changed my role from another department to new department in the office. I was glad that my previous boss give me a chance to do another big role in the company. And I surprised that my friends said that I have been doing a big things in my new role. They are helped to do such of works and they really thanks to me. And I just smiled to them, and I thinking to my self why I could do such of things is about giving. I try to give my best in my role. I try to give my best for them. I love my friends. I love how they smile to me. And I love they thanks to me. That’s why I want to give them something. Just a little gift maybe. But, if I could make their works simply, I’ll do my best for it.

On the other hand, I was bewared with ‘giving’ things. Sometimes, if you like to give, the ‘bad guy’ might be used your gift to them. And I think that someone that using the kindness of the others is a cunning person. They are not to be followed. So that, in this case, I believe in my father’s say :”Don’t believe to the others. Even your friends. We never know that your friends might be become your enemy at the future, or vice versa. We’ll never know about it. Thus, you can only believe in your self. Believe that you could handle anythings in your life. God and family could support you when you believe in your self. You + God + family = the perfect formula. When you live until you die, only God and family that could support you in anyways. You just need to believe it.”

On the last month of December, I was taking another big choice in my life. Which is I move to the other company. It’s very sad that I need to left behind all of my memories, passionate in previous works and also euphoria comfort working life in previous company. Saying good bye to my friend and my best colleagues. But in the some kind of point in my life I think that maybe it has been time for going. Going further in my life. Another great choice. Trying challenging my self to the higher goals. Trying to open up my potentials and desires. Trying to define more about life. I think I need to give another my best for the future.

Thus, tomorrow, in the great of 2016, I hope that I could give another gift to the others. And also the important thing is for my future. Giving the best for the best living. Giving and always giving.

So how about you guys? What’s your resolution in the 2016?

I hope you all great with another best in your life. Always believe in your self for whatever you choose in the future. May God always bless you and may the hand of family and friends near of you. Have a really wonderful, awesome, and an outstanding new year 2016!

With all of heart

Laura Yuliardhilla


Not Perfect


I’m not perfect.

I’m young.
I’m free.
Sometimes I’m sweet.
I could be thousands times more kind and better than an angel.
Sometimes I’m bad.
I could be thousands times worst than a wicked evil.
I’m extremely curious.
No one can muffle my curiousity.
I’m depressed, happy, furious, flat, gloomy, ignored for someone : freely.
No one can order my feelings.
Cause I’m selfishly possess my feelings….
I made my kindness, my success.
I made my mistakes, my failures.
I’m responsible through my life, my feelings, my behaviour.
I’m who I wanna Be.
Not your version of me.

Sebuah Pertanyaan ataukah Ketetapan?


Kita terlahir dengan sebuah pertanyaan : Karena cinta ataukah sebuah ketetapan?
Kita hidup dengan sebuah pertanyaan :
Karena  harapan ataukah sebuah ketetapan?
Kita mati dengan sebuah pertanyaan :
Karena kehidupan ataukah sebuah ketetapan?

Ada kalanya kita butuh hanya untuk didengar
Ada kalanya kita butuh hanya untuk dirasa bahwa kita ada
Ada kalanya kita ingin tertawa bahagia sejadi – jadinya
Ada kalanya kita ingin menjadi apa yang kita pinta
Ada kalanya menangis menjadi satu-satunya cara untuk menahan derita tak tertahankan
Ada kalanya perih menjadi rindu di masa depan
Ada kalanya cinta menjadi haru biru dan bahagia di sepanjang kenangan.

Ketika merasakan kepedihan begitu menyayat hati
Ketika merasakan cinta diantara rindu dan dendam yang menjelma dalam hati
Ketika sayang bukan lagi sebuah rasa dan panggilan kekasih hati
Ketika impian bukan lagi sebuah harapan melainkan musuh sang hati

Maka kita berada dalam sebuah pertanyaan : pilihan, kenestapaan ataukah sebuah ketetapan?



You called it a promise.
When I do believe in you
And I thought everything will be better,,
I trusted in you…
You said such of words
That made me gave all the problems away
You might thought me that I’m in your side
Yes I did, I truly did, cause I did believe in you. Really believed in you…
But you just away. Nothing to say, even nothing to say goodbye to me, you just gone away. With all of your promise, with all of my broken trusted. You just gone away.
Have you ever been betrayed?
Do you know how much does it take to your heart?
No, I don’t believe it that you ever.
Cause you never…
Cause I’ve promised to you that I never make you ever…
But you just done it.
“Thank you for make me like this and have a truly nice day!”
I promise you, I never takes your words deep inside my mind again. I never takes your promise to be believed again..
Cause I know, I have known, you only could brake it. And betrayed it….