Acknowledgements My UThesis


Well, di bawah ini adalah ucapan terima kasih yang saya tuliskan di dalam buku UThesis saya. Terima kasih untuk kalian semua 🙂


            Grateful to the Allah SWT for all of the helping so the writer could finish this undergraduated thesis on scheduled. The writer is also thankful to the persons below:

  • The writer’s family, from whom the writer could felt a huge attention and affection.
  • Porman Pangaribuan, Ir., M.T., as the first advisor of this undergraduated thesis, who giving an outstanding advices, constructive critics and comments that never been thought in undergraduated thesis making time.
  • Suryo Adhi Wibowo, S.T., M.T., as the second advisor of this undergraduated thesis, who giving all of his patience, brilliant guidance, and advices so that the writer could understood about image processing and materials related.
  • Vincentius Prasasto Widhoyoko, who sharing about industrial process in plastic ore industry, especially for sorting plastic area.
  • Ahmad Faruq and Dandy Risfanto Huri, AMD, as beloved hometown friends, who given some helpful efforts in software and hardware.
  • Dr. Eril Mozef, MS, DEA, who giving brilliant ideas with his question about LED.
  • Asep Najmurrokhman, S.T, M.T, who giving brilliant explanation about Backpropagation Artificial Neural Network.
  • Astrini Kusumawardhani, S.T. and Larasati Cahyawening, S.T., who giving and explaining their undergraduated thesis files for helping the writer to understand about image processing.
  • All of the writer’s lecturers who have benignly given their knowledge without any recompense.
  • Dina Febriani Puspawana, Pratiwi Budi Enggar Kusumaningrum, Monika Suherman, Nahdatin Hasanah, Dewi Utami, and Masita Wilda, who giving a beautiful outstanding huge friend-performances ever, during buffetings in Telkom Institute of Technology.
  • Rodia Mardia, Wahyu Ika, Gigih, Nabila Noi, Nur Chaeriyah, who sharing knowledge Image Processing for making undergraduated thesis in a pleasure.
  • Luthfy Delftyana and Bima Wibawa, who sharing knowledge about Microcontroller ATMega 8535 and Proteus.
  • Ardyna Dyan Purnamasari, AMD, Anna Meutia, Kamila Hasbianti, who giving their support, sharing confusion in undergraduated thesis making time and making laugh in bad mood.
  • Nizaruddin Rais, Rama, Sukhma and Septika Damayanti as faithful friends and life mentor, who always tutors the magical of life and giving supports in any ways.
  • Dhita Maya Roselyn Simatupang who present in a good and bad situation for attending the lecture and always amaze me with her wonderful-outstanding voice when singing.
  • Istiqomah, Nita Setti Krisdayanti, Retno Fitriyani, Icha Marisa Hanifah, Nella Oktora, Susilawati, Emi Fridian Martha, Nandhini D., Stephani Rizky, Atika Rahma Putri, Yuktika, Anggraini, and Ananda Hakimia who always being together to use women power for struggling in Electrical Engineering.
  • A grand family of Industrial Automation, DSK Laboratory and Vision Sensor Project Team, who giving new friendship, new adventure moment in projects and understanding PLC.
  • All of UIKA member, thank you for being my new friend and teaching me about Acehnese and all of its culture, especially for Ratoh-duek and Likok Pulo dances.
  • All of LINKA member, especially who comes from Jombang, thank you for your support and being my friends in IT Telkom.
  • EL-36-01 and EL-36-02, as my juniors and review session – beloved students, who took attention into me on KPST-class. Hope you all success and always take critical thinking with all of your dreams.
  • A grand family of Electrical Engineering Telkom Institute of Technologies: Bravo Electro, Electro Lead The Way!
  • A grand family of EIRRG and µPCi Laboratory, thank you for helping the writer to understand about microcontroller.
  • All of friends in Versatile Silicon Technologies and Telkom DIVA-Jombang, without any deliberate, who has taught me about friendship, hold out in such a distress condition, perfectionism in skill and knowledge, professionalism in team work, and braveness.
  • And every other name to whom the writer only wants to list them in her heart.

Last, the writer wants to thank to all of the readers to set aside their time to read, comment, and maybe in the next time, would be completed this imperfect undergraduated thesis.


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