You called it a promise.
When I do believe in you
And I thought everything will be better,,
I trusted in you…
You said such of words
That made me gave all the problems away
You might thought me that I’m in your side
Yes I did, I truly did, cause I did believe in you. Really believed in you…
But you just away. Nothing to say, even nothing to say goodbye to me, you just gone away. With all of your promise, with all of my broken trusted. You just gone away.
Have you ever been betrayed?
Do you know how much does it take to your heart?
No, I don’t believe it that you ever.
Cause you never…
Cause I’ve promised to you that I never make you ever…
But you just done it.
“Thank you for make me like this and have a truly nice day!”
I promise you, I never takes your words deep inside my mind again. I never takes your promise to be believed again..
Cause I know, I have known, you only could brake it. And betrayed it….

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